PT. Daya Amani Solusimatika


PT. Daya Amani SOLUSIMATIKA (DAS) is an information technology consultant company that founded to be devoted to providing you with the most reliable products and services in business management for various industries with head quarter in Bandung, West Java and marketing representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia.It was a logical step for DAS to emerge from the diagnostic beginnings of the company to launch various Information Technology (IT) solutions that designed and developed to help client's in managing their business activities in various industries, as well as all related consultancy services for business management of clients corporate offices, central offices, plants and estates.At the same time, attention focused on customer needs, leading in due course of concentration of company activities in four distinct areas for which DAS provides services, develops products and preparations that cover all IT domain technologies and processes that not limited to...

Nowadays, with its four business sectors, DAS is equally represented in providing IT solutions and consultancy services in business management for various industries.

Our sound knowledge and interaction between accurate analysis and effective services focusing on information technology oriented solutions and business management in these four areas of application have increasingly led to the development of innovative products and delivery of reliable services that bundled as intelligence IT solutions and services, enabling DAS to become the main consultant management services provider for various industries in Indonesia.